Europe at school activities aim at raising awareness of European citizenship and encouraging active European citizenship among young people.

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Europe at School

More than twenty years ago, JEF Europe and its member organisations laucnhed the Europe@School programme.

Based on non-formal education and learning methods, they are carried in the formal school system and in non-formal learning contexts reaching out to thousands of young people in Europe. 

They foster exchange with young people and the debate between them.

Weekly Activities

Our volunteers organize activities every week in classes, youth centres, holiday camps, wherever young people are! The history and geography of Europe, the values and symbols of the Union, mobility of young people or the functioning of the institutions: volunteers tackle the central subjects of the European project.

Whether through dialogue or play, interventions are adapted according to the age of the groups and/or the specific requests of each teacher/educator.

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Become a Volunteer.

If you want to take part in an already existing activity, or if you think you could organize an activity in your former school, feel free to contact a local group near you!

Use the map below to find out more about the organization you can contact in your country, or send us a message through the form.

Host an Activity.

Would you like volunteers to organise a “Europe at School” activity within your organisation?

Specify your needs in the form below, our team will get back to you. You can also directly contact one of the partners on the map

Become a Partner.

The Europe at School programme is developed across Europe by different partners. To learn more about the existing partnership, read the About page.

Want to talk about it? Reach out to us using the form below.

Online Education Activities

Latest Webinars
European identities - from a young perspective
by Yasmine Ouirhrane - We Belong Europe
50 m
Roma minority in Europe - from a young perspective
by Maria Atanasova
Young Roma; Inclusion
1 hr
Young people with disabilities in Europe, what has been achieved so far?
by Frank Sioen - ENIL
ECE; Inclusion
1 hr
Latest podcasts
Episode 11 | Minority Safepack Initiative
by Pia Šlogar
Young Roma; ECI
19 m 30 s
Episode 10 | Disability Inclusion in Education
by Jacob Callus
Inclusion, Young people with disabilities
9 m 30 s
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